Turkey -
the fowl of happiness

Turkey meat increases happiness levels. It makes our bodies produce serotonin – the hormone of happiness. Our mood gets better thanks to it – it makes us want to live actively and think positively. Include it into your diet, and you’ll get all vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for your health.

But nowadays very few Ukrainians know about that. Producing such wholesome fowl, we have set an ambitious goal – to popularize healthy nutrition culture in Ukraine and to make Ukrainians not only a healthy nation, but also a happy one.

Turkey meat -
healthy energy for everybody

Turkey meat contains a lot of highly digestible proteins, almost no fat and cholesterol, and it’s also hypoallergenic to the utmost. It is a perfect everyday recipe option for those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Turkey meat is perfect for

Pregnant women
The first supplemental feeding
People who suffer from depression
Those who recover from a nasty illness
Diet nutrition
Everybody who wants to eat healthy and to lead a healthy lifestyle

Wholesome facts
about wholesome meat

Turkey meat is a leader in the load of highly digestible proteins, that’s why it’s recommended for children, sportspeople and people on a diet.
Turkey contains two types of meat: red and white. White meat (from breast and wings) is good for children and diet nutrition. Red meat (from thighs and upper legs) contains a lot of iron and has a rich flavor which makes it loved by chefs
Turkey meat is a leader among other sorts of meat in the load of phosphorus (it has almost as much of it as fish does), and phosphorus is known to make teeth, joints and bones healthy and sound.
Turkey meat contains a lot of sodium (salt), that’s why you don’t need to add extra salt while cooking it and it’s good for people with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Turkey meat is a dish for beauty
and strong immunity

Turkey meat contains the daily norm of nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) which ramps up hair growth and makes your hair thick and beautiful.

Turkey meat contains selenium which is a powerful antioxidant and protects the body from free radicals supporting the immune system. Furthermore, turkey meat contains very little fat, that’s why it helps to keep fit.

Turkey for new ideas

Our intellectual capacity depends on vitamins and microelements which we get from food. There are almost all group B vitamins in turkey meat. They improve memory and prevent premature ageing of the brain.

Vitamins, microelements and amino acids contained in turkey meat

Nowadays many Ukrainians who had switched over to healthy nutrition have appreciated high nutrition value of turkey meat and included it in their daily diet because other sorts of meat are inferior to it in a lot of wholesome qualities.

Caloric value

Калорийность 100 г запечённого мяса индейки (из которых 29,1 г белка, жиров 3,8 г и углеводов 0,0 г) составляет 159 кКал или 664 кДж.

Это 6.9% от средней суточной нормы.


Запечённое мясо индейки содержит жирорастворимые витамины (A, D, D3 и E), водорастворимые витамины (B1, B2, B3 (PP), B4, B5, B6, B9 и B12).


Индейка занимает лидирующие место среди домашней птицы по количеству макро и микроэлементов в мясе. Так, с расчета на 100 г мяса, можно получить половину суточной нормы селена, который необходим для синтеза гормонов щитовидной железы.

Индейка содержит фосфора почти как рыба, с 100 г можно получить треть суточной потребности нашего организма.

Если сравнить мясо индейки с говядиной, то железа в первой будет больше, а его усваиваемость на ряду с мясом другой птицы в разы выше.

Укреплению иммунитета способствует наличие цинка в мясе этой птицы (пятая часть необходимой нормы).

Также данное мясо будет полезно людям, страдающим гипертонией. Натрий, содержащийся в мясе индейки, способствует нормализации обмена веществ. Его количество предает мясу слегка соленый вкус, что позволяет уменьшить количество соли при приготовлении блюда.

Amino acids

100 g of the product contain a third of the daily norm of such substances:

  • trisnin (responsible for producing collagen and strengthening the muscle tissue),
  • isoleucine (allows the synthesis of hemoglobin, regulates the blood sugar level),
  • leucine (one of the basic amino acids which influences the building of body cells),
  • methionine (contributes to recovering of liver and kidney tissue and abstersion of the body from toxins),
  • valine (influences mental condition and functioning of the liver),
  • histidine (responsible for producing red blood cells and general strengthening of the immunity).

Containing the amino acid tryptophane allows the production of serotonin and melanin which are responsible for good mood and suppress negative emotions.

It’s worth mentioning that one portion of wholesome turkey can provide the human body with the daily amount of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids improve the functioning of the brain and stimulate the functioning of heart.