“Our company successfully applies European experience,

Ukrainian diligence and innovative technologies

to produce high-quality meat.”

All the technological processes are carried out under the closed mode of production with all the veterinary and sanitary-hygienic norms being observed.

Production Principles

Most of our meat production facilities are automatized. The slaughterhouse is equipped with high-tech lines of automatic feather removal, butchering and meat cooling machinery.

Using our own transport-units, we deliver our products to our customers and partners all over Ukraine on time. Our transport-units are equipped with the best modern cooling systems and temperature sensors to ensure that we deliver only fresh products to our customers’ warehouses.

In our business, we implement the principles of environmental responsibility.

The company uses turkey waste products as a fertilizer for our fields which increases the yield of grain crops. Such fertilizers improve the physical properties and structure of the soil by enriching it with readily soluble nutrients. It benefits the fields and the ecosystem of the region in general.

The enterprise has fully automated and independent supply of water and electricity which allows managing resource utilization.

Our products have an ISO 9001: 2008 “Quality management system” certification and an FSSC 22000 “Food Safety System” certification meaning that our products are of the finest premium class quality.

Due to intensive development, our enterprise annually increases production. Today, LLC “Indychka” produces a great variety of  ready-to-cook products and turkey co-products which correspond to world standards.

Modern technological lines and packaging solutions allow preservation of beneficial meat qualities up to 8 days using vacuum packaging and up to 10 days using modified atmosphere packaging without adding any chemical preservatives. Our family packs and monoblocks for wholesale customers allow economic and handy preservation of all the nutrition qualities of turkey.

Automatic and computerized temperature and climate control at the enterprise ensures that our customers will receive high-quality products.

The production of meat at the enterprise complies with Halal standards which guarantees the high quality of our products. Each stage of production is supervised by a certified Halal specialist.

Care for the poultry, modern packaging technologies, efficient distribution of the finished products and professionalism of our best staff are the reasons why Ukrainians choose the products of LLC “Indychka” over other companies’ in the turkey industry.