The favorite brand of Ukrainian consumers “Svoya Indychka” is produced by LLC “Indychka”.

TM “Svoya Indychka” makes the world a happier place. Turkey is known as “a happiness provider” because it contains tryptophan – an amino acid used for generation of serotonin. In its turn, serotonin uplifts our mood and boosts happiness.

“Svoya Indychka” meat has a particularly tender taste and a great number of vitamins and micronutrients for a reason.

Our turkey feed on quality natural well-balanced fodder specifically designed for each age group of birds. The cultures for the feed are grown on the company’s fields.

The production area of the company is located in the ecologically clean environment of the Sumy region.

The FREE RANGE farming contributes to the natural taste of the meat and enriches it with large quantities of vitamins and microelements.

TM “Svoya Indychka” also makes the world a safer place because it complies with the world quality standards and has a Halal certification.

Owing to all this, nearly every fourth Ukrainian chooses TM “Svoya Indychka”. It is especially popular with young mothers because our turkey is ideal as a dietary supplement for infants. People who care for healthy and tasty diet choose our products as well for our turkey has unique dietary properties and nourishes the body on essential vitamins and microelements.